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Exile Members left including my best friend in real life. We will bounce back and fast.

Amarrian, Mar 6, 10 12:21 AM.
I just wanted to say I know recently that exile members left and formed circa survive. Please don't hold anything against them and lets just bounce back and fast.

Last downing before members left - ICC- Saurfang.

Amarrian, Mar 6, 10 12:11 AM.
This is the last time we downed anything in ICC. Before some members split to make circa survive. However it shows our potential and we will get back on our feet and back into icc.


Lady Deathwhisper and Battleship are downed.

Kurizu, Feb 16, 10 10:48 AM.
Congrats to Exile and a couple of other out of guild people for downing Lady Deathwhisper and Battleship.  Saurfang is next!

Another ToC10 down

JordinC, Feb 11, 10 11:05 PM.
Great job everyone, Read up on the fights for  ICC10 this saturday. Bring flask and buff food, we will be checking. ALSO Vent is a must now for raids.



JordinC, Feb 8, 10 10:19 PM.
Well done guys! One shotted Ony. It took a little while to get the group together but it worked out. Big thanks to Mattson from the Templar Knights for MTing for us!!

Hello, I want to thank you all for coming to see the site. I also want to say how excited I am to have Exile up and running. I also want to address a few things. With the start of the guild it's going to be slow, as any guild, so please don't go get discouraged and leaving to find something better on the other side of the field. Maxiniko, Kurizu, and I are dedicated to making Exile into something everyone can enjoy. With that said, please remind yourself that guild progression takes time, and right now this guild's progression is growing into a guild. I'm not saying it's going to take a while, but please be patient with us, as we are doing everything we can to make your experience with Exile worthwhile.

Thanks a lot exile members.

Amarrian out.
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